Frequently Asked Questions

About our Services


  • About Spruce
    • What is Spruce?

      Busy? Need a little extra help around the house? We’re here for you! With just a few clicks in the Spruce app (available through iOS or Android), you can schedule one-time or recurring housekeeping services. Learn more about our services at For additional questions or requests, contact our Customer Support team via the Live Chat or email and we’ll get back to you!

    • Who are your housekeepers?

      Your home is your sanctuary, and we understand trust is key. Spruce housekeepers are thoroughly vetted, contracted professionals. They’re background-checked, insured, top-rated by your neighbors, and trusted by your community’s leasing team.

    • Do you serve my community?

      We hope so! Download our iOS or Android app and search for your zip code to see if we’re serving your community. If we don’t serve your community yet, we’ll try to get there soon! We recommend reaching out to your front desk or leasing office, and Spruce will arrange a service demo. Your leasing office or property management community can make a request through our website or by sending us an email at

    • How much do Spruce’s services cost?

      Spruce services are competitively priced by reducing traditional overhead costs associated with one-off services. Our prices are competitive with market rates for providers who are insured, background-checked, and partnered with your community. We aim to remove wasted time by serving many residents at a time in one location. We minimize the drive time and advertising costs you’d be paying for by using another service, all while prioritizing your ease, comfort, and peace of mind. You can check prices in your area by downloading our app and registering with your community.

    • COVID-19 Protocols
      Spruce COVID-19 Protocols are:
      • What we’re doing
        • Wash hands between each service
        • Use cleaning supplies with antibacterial or disinfecting properties unless you provide other preferred supplies
        • Service pros will stay home if they have a fever or feel ill for any reason
      • How you can help
        • Maintain social distancing while our Spruce Pro is in your home.
        • If you have tested positive for COVID-19, reschedule your booking to occur once you test negative
        • If you test positive within 3 days after a booking, please notify so we can take action with our team.
      We appreciate your loyalty to Spruce as we continue to make sure you, your family, and our team are safe. 
  • Service Details & Logistics
    • Who will be conducting my services?

      We partner with local, professional housekeeping companies to ensure you receive the best services. Each employee is background-checked, insured, top-rated by your neighbors, and trusted by your community. They may arrive alone or in teams depending upon the size and scope of the job.

    • What won't my cleaning service cover?

      We’re great at what we do, but providing a safe work environment for our housekeepers comes first. To prioritize the health and safety of our staff, we’ll abandon services and notify you if we encounter:

        • blood, feces, vomit, urine, or any other human or animal bodily fluids
        • pests such as fleas, roaches, or bed bugs
        • illicit materials or drug paraphernalia
        • unsecured weapons
        • mold and mildew

      Additionally, we will not conduct cleanings in the following areas for any service type:

        • bedroom closets and hall closets
        • outdoor spaces
        • under furniture
        • under or around numerous or fragile personal items
        • areas beyond the reach of a single-step stool including ceiling fans, tops of cabinets and furniture, and out-of-reach appliances

      In rare occasions, we may have to cancel or reschedule a clean for an excessively dirty, damaged, or cluttered homes until after clutter/items have been picked up.

    • Which Spruce service is right for me?

      For your first service, we suggest booking a Premium Clean so our team can get your home in tip-top shape. Then a Signature Clean every 2-3 weeks will keep your home looking great. Our individual Chore services, like cleaning the floors or bathrooms, will keep your home in order between full cleaning services. For more information, take a look at our Spruce Housekeeping page to see what service best suits your cleaning needs.

    • Should I do anything to prepare for my cleaning?

      We kindly ask that you pick up clothes, shoes, personal items, and any clutter around your home prior to your housekeeper’s arrival. To ensure a thorough clean, we recommend clearing surfaces and countertops. This allows us to focus on your service while keeping it quick and efficient. 

      Don’t have time to clear the clutter? We offer various add-on services including hand-washing dishes, folding laundry, and picking up clutter, which can be booked in 20 and 45 minute increments.

      Help our team prepare! Leave us a note about entry instructions, give us a heads up about any pets in your home, or let us know about any specifics unique to your household. You can add notes in the Spruce app while scheduling your service or after you’ve already booked.

    • Do I need to provide my housekeeper with any cleaning supplies?

      We’ve got you covered. We’ll provide all necessary supplies and equipment for performing your requested services. However, if you have any special products you would like for your housekeeper to use, please make sure that you specify in your booking notes where specific products are required and make sure that the products are left on the kitchen counter for our team to use. We recognize that not every product we use as standard will be suitable for every customer’s needs (pet safe/hypoallergenic, sensitive, etc.) but we’re always happy to use specific products if a customer provides them.

    • Do I need to be home during my service?

      While you do not need to be present for your housekeeper to work their magic, you can of course do whatever works best for you. Most customers prefer to leave while their services are being completed, but you may want to consider sticking around if someone must be present in order to get into your home.

    • How will you access my home? Do I need to pre-arrange a key pickup?

      Have specific entry instructions for us? Keep us up to date on gate codes, door code, smart locks and lockbox locations by leaving us a note when booking your services. 

      It is the responsibility of each customer to meet property specific requirements to grant Spruce access to their home. Please check your property’s specific permission-to-enter process. Common examples include: written authorization via resident online portal, providing a copy of your key to management or front desk staff, or providing Spruce access via your Smart Lock app etc. Please make sure that you respond to texts we send you asking for information to access your home, or add access instructions to your booking notes.

      If your housekeeper is unable to enter your home, the clean will be cancelled and may be nonrefundable.

    • Can I request shoe coverings or booties during a service?

      Safety is our number one concern. Per OSHA guidelines, we are unable to recommend for our Pros to remove their shoes. Spruce does not provide booties to avoid slip hazards for our pros, however we would be happy for our Pros to wear booties if this is important to you, as long as you are able to provide them and request this in your booking notes.

    • Can I book a Premium or Signature cleaning in place of a move-out cleaning?

      If you are moving out, we cannot complete any service except a move-out cleaning for your home. Be sure to check in the app/website for your community to verify if a “Move out cleaning” is offered as this option is not available for certain communities. We are not able to provide any other kind of cleaning if you are moving out at this time.

    • Do you start the dishwasher for cleanings or chores?

      We can hand wash and load dishes into your dishwasher but as settings and requirements differ for every machine, our teams will not start the dishwasher for any kind of service or chore.

    • Can you do in-unit laundry for me?

      Due to time constraints and preferences/requirements for laundry items, we cannot complete laundry in-unit during services. If you would like your items used for making the bed or a folding laundry chore, please have them washed and dried ahead of service with notes on where your clean laundry can be located. As we do not clean inside or go into closets for privacy reasons, all of your folded items will be placed on a chair, counter, or bed.

    • Can you clean my laundry room or closet?

      Our team is not able to move any furniture for their safety. Therefore laundry rooms are not included in any of our cleans. Our team also cannot clean any closets due to personal belongings and privacy concerns.

    • Can I request an English-Speaking Cleaner?

      We’re unable to guarantee the language that our team will speak most proficiently, but rest assured, it’s our support team’s job to do the communicating for you! Any requests you have can come to Support for processing, especially if an add-on service is required the day of the service. Any translations needed are processed upon receipt of your request.

    • When will my cleaner arrive?

      In order to accommodate multiple bookings on varying routes, Spruce booking windows are scheduled in 4-hour or 8-hour windows. This means our team will arrive within this time frame to begin your service. You will also receive a text alert anywhere from 20-40 minutes ahead of time as a heads up when our team is on the way to your home!

    • What should I do with my pets during my service?

      We have certain requirements in place to safeguard your pets while prioritizing our housekeepers’ comfort and security. We kindly ask you to keep any dogs in your household away from our housekeepers while they’re sprucing up your home (kenneling or removing them from the home is preferred). You may allow your cats to roam around freely, but you might want to keep them behind closed doors if they have a tendency to try to escape. Your housekeeper will not be able to complete your service if an unsecured pet is keeping them from cleaning your home.

    • Do you offer move-out services?

      Moving is a lot of work, but booking our move-out cleaning can make it a little easier. The unit must be in your possession for a Move Out Clean to take place, and must be completely vacant (emptied of all personal items). Please ensure that electricity and water are still available, and we will clean your completely empty apartment after you have moved out. Any items left in your unit that can be carried by hand may be disposed of. We are unable to provide a Signature or Premium cleaning in an empty apartment.

      Services you wouldn’t normally book with a housekeeper are excluded from Move Out Cleans. For example, we like to leave carpet cleaning, carpet repair, painting, appliance damage, electrical work, mold & mildew remediation, and other specialized work to the appropriate professionals. Our pros are insured for housekeeping & cleaning, so you are covered for the work we do best.

      Click here to learn more about our Move Out Cleaning.

  • Scheduling Bookings
    • Can I schedule my service for a more specific time than morning, afternoon, or anytime?

      While we’re happy to work with you to find the arrival window that works best for you, we cannot accommodate requests for exact service times. Our service times are a reflection of our housekeepers’ availability and your property’s operating hours. If you have a more narrow preference than the morning, afternoon, or anytime, you may indicate this in your booking notes. However, while we aim to please, we can’t promise specific requests. Please note, your housekeeper will start your cleaning service within the designated window, but they may complete your booking outside of your selected time slot depending upon when they arrive and the current state of your home.

    • How long will you spend cleaning my home?

      We have a maximum time allotment to complete a checklist of tasks depending upon the size of your home, the cleaning package you select, and the number of housekeepers present for the service (sometimes we work in teams of two). We always strive to complete everything on our list, but this is contingent upon the current state of your home during our window of service. Setting up a recurring cleaning schedule through the Spruce app will help maintain the cleanliness of your home over time. This will keep your services efficient and will allow more time for your housekeeper, or team of housekeepers, to focus on detailed areas throughout your home.

    • What happens if your team is unable to enter my home or the building I live in?

      In the event that we cannot gain entry to your home, we will reach out to you directly in an attempt to quickly resolve the issue. We will wait 15 minutes on the day of service to try to get access through the customer/leasing office and if unsuccessful, we will work to reschedule your service within the next seven days or facilitate a full refund.

    • Can I cancel my service?

      To avoid incurring any cancellation fees (deducted from your refund at the time of cancellation), reschedule or cancel your booking by 5 PM two days prior. You are able to cancel any booking through the app until 8 AM the day of your service. This cancellation policy supports our housekeeping team’s wages and provides stability to our employees.

      • Canceling within 24 hours of your booking will incur a $35 fee.
      • Canceling within 48-24 hours before your booking will incur a $20 fee.
      • Canceling outside of 48 hours prior to your booking will incur no fee.

      In the event it is our error that we were unable to make it out to your booking, we will waive the cancelation fee indefinitely.

    • Can I make changes to my service?

      You can update notes and add-ons until 5pm two days before we start your service. One of the key reasons that Pros choose to work with Spruce is that we are able to provide predictability of scheduling to ensure they spend more time cleaning and earning, and less time on the road. As a results, if you make changes to your booking or add-ons beyond after 5pm two days before your booking, we may not be able to shift your booking to another Pro or allocate more time to the Pro that has been assigned to clean your home. If you need to reschedule, make changes to, or cancel your booking, please do so at least 48 hours prior to your service to avoid any late fees or the risk of your booking being unable to be completed by one of our Pros.

      If you need to make a change to an add-on within 48 hours of your booking, please contact our Customer Service team via Live Chat, email ( or by responding to a text from us, and we will be happy to make the change on our end.

      You are able to cancel any booking through the app until 8 AM the day of your service. This cancellation policy supports our housekeeping team’s wages and provides stability to our employees.

      • Cancelling within 24 hours of your booking will incur a $35 fee.
      • Cancelling within 48-24 hours before your booking will incur a $20 fee.
      • Cancelling outside of 48 hours prior to your booking will incur no fee.
  • Payment & Billing
    • Do you offer discounts?

      Coupons are issued to customers for promotional purposes. You may have received various coupons in a welcome package if Spruce services recently launched at your community. Not all coupons are valid for all service types. This includes Move Out Cleans, which are excluded from all discounts and coupon types. Please note that a coupon is not a credit. Coupons are non-transferable, cannot be combined, and are applicable to a single booking.

      Credits are a prepaid account balance, which is available as a gift from your apartment community or issued by Spruce. You can check your credit balance in the Spruce app once it has been paid and awarded to your account.

    • When will you process my payment?

      Our system automatically charges your default payment method two days before your scheduled service, around 5 PM CST. If the payment method fails, it will attempt to run the card two additional times at 10 AM CST and 12 PM CST the following day. We’ll let you know if we have any issues when the system re-run your card charge. If you receive a text from our customer service team indicating any credit card or charge issues, please take a moment to update your payment method in our Spruce app under the Account page. Then, you will be all set when our system automatically re-runs any outstanding payments.

      After three attempts and no action to correct the payment method on file, your service will be automatically canceled. You will be able to re-book the service once the payment method has been updated successfully.

    • How can I tip my housekeeper?

      Tips are not expected, but they are greatly appreciated. To tip your housekeeper, send us a message via Live Chat or email us at along with the amount you’d like to leave for your housekeeper. We will see this charge reflected against the credit card used for your service.

    • Do you offer discounts on recurring services?

      Our Spruce mobile app makes it easy to schedule and see your price before booking. We also offer discounts on most recurring services up to 20% depending on the frequency and services selected. The recurring service discount is automatically applied when making your selections in the Spruce app.

      • Depending on frequency we offer up to 20% discount for Chores.
      • If you book a recurring Housekeeping service to repeat every 3 or 4 weeks, you’ll receive a 5% discount
      • If you book a recurring Housekeeping service to repeat every 1 or 2 weeks, you’ll receive a 10% discount
    • I canceled my service, will I get a refund?

      The payment method on file is charged two days before the service date. After canceling the booking within 48 hours, a refund is automatically prompted to the card on file. Please allow 3-5 business days for bank processing times.

      To avoid incurring any cancellation fees (deducted from your refund at the time of cancellation), reschedule or cancel your booking by 5 AM two days prior. You can cancel any booking through the app until 8 AM the day of your service. This cancellation policy supports our housekeeping team’s wages and provides stability to our employees.

      • Canceling within 24 hours of your booking will incur a $35 fee.
      • Canceling within 48-24 hours before your booking will incur a $20 fee.
      • Canceling outside of 48 hours before your booking will incur no fee.

      If it is our error that we were unable to make it out to your booking, we will waive the cancelation fee indefinitely.

  • Technical Support & Troubleshooting
    • What if I'm receiving an error in the app or website?

      Please contact our service team via Live Chat or email us at and we can troubleshoot the error you are receiving!

    • What do I do if my unit size is not listed in the app?

      Please select the unit size that is closest to the bedroom and bathroom count in your home. If you do not believe there is an accurate comparison available in our selection, please contact us via Live Chat or email us at

    • What do I do if my password reset doesn’t work?

      Please contact our service team at We will be happy to help troubleshoot and provide you with a resolution!

  • Quality Concerns
    • What if one of my personal items is broken or damaged during the cleaning process?

      Our housekeepers always take the necessary precautions to respect your home and your personal property, but occasionally accidents do happen. If you have any sentimental or valuable items that you consider irreplaceable, please put them aside in safe space prior to your service. Should something break during a cleaning, we will be in touch with you ASAP to let you know and to work with you to determine next steps. If you arrive home and discover that something is out of the ordinary, please contact us via Live Chat or email us at

    • I’m feeling unsatisfied with my clean or chore. Now what?

      Immediately after your service is completed, we’ll ask you to rate your service and to give us any feedback. Our Service Team monitors feedback emails and ratings closely and can assist you. In addition, you’re welcome to reach out via Live Chat or to to resolve any issues you have.

      If the quality of your cleaning does not meet your expectations, please contact us within 24 hours, and we’ll work with you to remedy any issues ASAP. Sharing your feedback with us helps our team improve and keeps our services at their best.

    • What if I am unhappy with the resolution after voicing my concern?

      Our team does their very best to ensure all quality issues are resolved. If you have any further questions about our payment terms, please refer to our full terms and conditions here.

  • Partner Services
    • I used to receive pet care through Spruce. What should I use now?

      Need something Spruce doesn’t offer? We have partnered with top service providers to bring you additional offerings and perks.
      To access our new partnerships, make sure you have the latest version of our Spruce app downloaded to your phone from the App Store or Google Play.

    • What are Partner Services?

      We’ve hand-picked and built connections with best in-class service providers. Because we vet our partners carefully, you can rest assured that you will have access to a standard of excellence unlike any other. Partner Services are subject to vary by market and location.

    • Can I use a Spruce Credit or Coupon on a Partner Service?

      Spruce credits or coupons are not applicable towards Partner services at this time. They are only applicable towards Spruce services excluding move-out cleanings. Certain coupons are specifically only valid for Housekeeping Services (Signature, Premium) while others can be applied to both Chores and Housekeeping. 

    • Are Spruce pros completing my Partner Services booking?

      No, These services are not fulfilled or serviced by Spruce in any way. It will be the responsibility of the resident to book, monitor, pay for, and coordinate services.

    • How do I access partner services?

      Navigate to our app or website. You’ll notice a new tile on the Spruce app or Desktop site homepage titled ‘Partner Services’. Clicking on this link will bring you to a page that will provide more information on services offered in your area.

    • How will these services obtain my keys?

      We work with a lot of local businesses and nationwide partners. It is in your best interest to add them to your community’s guest list for key authorization. Spruce is not responsible for facilitating a key release with any of our Partner Services.

    • Trying out Wag! for the first time?

      Use our Spruce-exclusive code WAGSPRUCE10 to receive a $10 off coupon good for your first pet care service with Wag!

    • Does Wag! offer cat visits?

      Yes, they sure do!  When using the Wag! app, select “Drop in Visit” to schedule your service. Then be sure to select “Cat” under the Pet Profile.

    • Need something Spruce doesn't offer, or interested in partnering with Spruce as a local service provider?

      We have partnered with top service providers in your area to bring customers additional service offerings and perks, but please reach out via Live Chat or email to if you’d like to suggest additional services we should offer.

      Interested in partnering with Spruce to grow your business as a local service provider? For information please visit the Service Pro section on our website here.

    • What type of laundry services do you provide?

      At Spruce, our priority is to deliver the best in-home services possible. In this light, we have decided that the best way to provide the high-quality laundry service you expect is to connect you directly with local providers. We have gone to great lengths to get the options available in your area and chosen those we feel are indeed best-in-class. We’re excited to empower local laundry pros to care for your wardrobe, and we’re sure you’re going to love the results.

  • Customer Support & Live Chat
    • What are your customer support hours?

      For SMS & Email:

      • Mon-Fri 8AM-7PM CST
      • Saturday 10AM-6PM CST

      For Live Chat:

      • Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM CST
      • Saturday 10AM-5PM CST
    • Can I call to speak with someone / do you have a phone number?

      Our primary mode of support is live chat, text, and email. We’ve found that we can provide our highest quality of support through writing. This allows us to pass on useful materials like our checklists, links to our FAQ page, as well as screenshots for troubleshooting. We hope you will find the same as well.

    • Where can I find the Live Chat?

      The Live Chat can be found in the bottom right-hand corner on every page of our website. Simply click on the icon to open up a chat window.