Who we are

At Spruce, our mission is to build relationships and technology that empower local businesses to serve our residents. From full housekeeping to a quick tidy up or a dog walk for your furry friend, Spruce is available to residents on-demand. For the property manager, Spruce reduces the growing burden of managing 20+ different providers and provides security and oversight for the entire property. Spruce helps local businesses build economies of scale in their operations and tech-enable their business so they can compete in the modern economy.


Meet the team

Ben Johnson

Ben Johnson

Founder & CEO
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Audrey Tiger

VP of Product

Ash Bell

Chief Revenue Officer

Paul Clark

VP of Engineering

Jessi Roesch

VP of Operations

Jason Cunningham

VP of Marketing & Growth

Our vision

Freedom from your obligations so that you can pursue your inspirations.

Our core values

People first.

People first, then product, then profits. Spruce is a business built on helping and enabling people — our customers, service partners, property partners, and our employees. When we add value to peoples’ lives with our product, profits will take care of themselves. We expect a lot out of our people, and we want our people to expect the same from us. We welcome people from all walks of life — as an inclusive workplace, our employees are comfortable bringing their authentic, whole selves to work. Be you.



Each employee has a personal, measurable impact on the success of the company. Acting like an owner means that you take responsibility for your project, your role and yourself. It means that you don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term gains. But it also means that you are responsible for what you put out in the world, both in work product and your personal actions.


Work smarter, not harder.  We are action-oriented, enjoy learning, seek out opportunities to experiment, and view failure as an opportunity to grow. If you want to know how something works, open the black box and learn the system.  Get in the field; talk to customers; visit a property.  No task is beneath anyone.


We ask questions because we seek to understand. We view business problems without the shackles of our current perception by questioning ourselves and any previous assumptions. The Sunk Cost Fallacy is something that even the smartest humans are susceptible to, so everyone should ask ‘why this, why now’, even if the product or project is ready to ship.​


Ideas are welcomed from everyone. There is no room for small goals or small thinking. Many missteps can be reversed if they do not work out, and calculated risks will be championed and celebrated. Be bold and take risks.​

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