Top properties trust Spruce

Spruce provides on-demand services such as housekeeping and chores to almost 2,000 select apartment communities. Spruce also provides options for Partner Services including pet care, laundry and moving services.

81% renewal rate among
frequent Spruce customers

Top property companies trust Spruce to keep their residents happy and stress-free leading to increased property renewal rates.


Key benefits at every level



Residents schedule the services they want, when they want. They also rate our professionals to keep the quality high. And since Spruce serves the entire property, we can pass the savings on to your residents to deliver high-quality, low-cost services on-demand.

Property staff

Spruce simplifies and lowers the burden at the property level. We eliminate the shadow economy by letting property managers know exactly who will be on site every day. Our web portal authenticates each service professional, authorizing a key release to the unit, and can be used to manage tracking, reporting, gift card creation, and contact with Spruce support. We also offer Move Out Clean services.


Service professionals

We partner with Service Pros who do this for a living, so not only are they background-checked, bonded and insured but they show up in Spruce branded apparel. The Spruce app notifies residents and property staff in real-time about unit arrival and departure. The service professionals are also able to share pictures, post updates, and notify the resident or staff of any issues.

Owners and operators

Spruce positively impacts renewal rates which leads to higher net operating income and increased overall value. Residents build relationships with their service professionals making it harder to leave. Spruce data shows residents who use two or more Spruce services have an 81% renewal rate compared to the industry average of 52%.


What our partners are saying

We find residents are engaging with Spruce daily and it makes our properties stand out, giving us a real competitive advantage. Things like folding clothes may seem small, but they make a big impact on our residents' quality of life.

- Chris Domino, Regional Manager, ZRS Management


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