I’m feeling unsatisfied with my cleaning. Now what?

If the quality of your cleaning does not meet your expectations, please email us at service@getspruce.com within 24 hours, and we’ll work with you to remedy any issues ASAP. Sharing your feedback with us helps our team improve and keeps our services at their best.

Move Out Cleanings are guaranteed to pass your community’s inspection. This excludes any outstanding maintenance work, which will not be covered by our housekeeping checklist. 

We leave the following specialized work to the appropriate experts: carpet cleaning, repair work, painting, appliance damage, electrical work, mold & mildew remediation, and any other items not typically booked through a housekeeper. Our team is licensed, bonded, and insured for housekeeping and cleaning, so you’re covered for all of the work we do best. Following the completion of your service, Spruce will work directly with you and your leasing office to resolve any cleanings that do not pass inspection.