What we do


If your to-do list is getting out of control, we're here to help. Hosted a dinner party and need help washing the dishes? Laundry piling up and want someone to fold it? Our Service Pros are ready to tackle it all. Read on to see what we can do.


Linen refresh

Come home to a fresh bed. Leave clean linens out and our professional housekeepers will change the sheets and make your bed.


Clean the floors

Remove items from the floor, and our pros will sweep, mop and vacuum so you can walk around barefoot again.


Oven clean

Lasagna explosion? Burnt turkey? Our Service Pros will clean the inside of your oven until it sparkles again.


Do the dishes

Leave your dirty dishes in or near the sink. Our professional housekeepers will wash your pots & pans, and load the dishwasher.


Fold laundry

Washing clothes is easy, folding it is a headache. Leave your clean laundry out and our professional housekeepers will fold it for you.


Dry carpet shampoo

Let us freshen your carpets with a powder shampoo and vacuum. Great for removing odors, not stains.


Clean interior windows

Our professional housekeepers will clean the reachable interior windows of your home so your view is crystal clear. (Excludes cleaning of window sills, blinds and screens).


Water the plants

Because your green babies need love too, we will water all of your indoor plants. We may even sing them a song.


Room Chores

For when you just need a thorough clean of just one area in your home. Choose between Kitchen, Bathroom, or Common Area if you want us to clean both your Kitchen and Common Area. Check out the chart below to see what each Room Chore includes.


Clean the clutter

Need help channeling your inner Marie Kondo? Let our Service Pros bring order to your home.

What's included in each Room Chores

Comparison Chart - Chore Core Services - 1-2x

What residents are saying

It was my first time and WOW!!! Thank you Anna!!! Amazing job. I appreciate you for helping me to organize my busy life. So professional. Just scheduled a reoccurring service.

- Michele R.



Designed to kill bacteria and viruses. We'll sanitize and disinfect high-touch areas in your home, like door handles and light switches, for as little as $25. Our Sanitize Chore is only available in select markets. Download the app or visit the web app to see if this Chore is available in your community.

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